Boar's Hair Beard Brush | Great Lakes Grooming Co.

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This all-natural, handmade, military-style pure boar's hair bristle beard brush from Great Lakes Grooming Co. will make your beard look fantastic while both promoting hair growth and maintaining beard health over time.

Inspired by worn-out, old guitars, each boar brush is sanded and coated with a matte finish and hand sanded back down ending with a 4000 grit polishing
(the same the craftsman uses to sand down guitar necks), for optimum use. Brush out damaged and dry skin and hair in your beard and combine with any Great Lakes beard oil from root to tip.

It should be noted that because this is a handmade item, every brush is unique and one-of-a-kind! 

To maintain your brush, occasionally comb through the boar hairs to remove any stray hairs, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Try to allow your brush to dry between cleaning and your next use.

Handmade in Canada.

Please note that this brush is not considered vegan and contains real boar hair as the bristles on it. 

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