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For the modern wild man. 

We are the contents of your living room, your closet, your garage, your office, your workshop, and likely your mind. We understand your spirit and provide the basics and the complicated elements to fulfill your character. We believe in community; in aspiration. We believe in favours, long hours — in grit and dirt; scars and crow’s feet. We see the forest for the trees. 

Consider this the platform for everything you’re already scouring for. We’ve done the legwork for you, and compiled all of the best so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome, brother. Every brand we carry is considered a friend to us — and now, to you. Life is too short to surround one’s self with those who you are unlike.

We are invested in making sure that you feel, look and smell like a man, every single day. There is a disconnect in the world between what a man is now, and what he used to be, and we aim to bridge that gap.

Now go do something cool, like oil your beard or arm wrestle someone for a cigarette.

We are Labrador Supply and we chop our own wood. 


Andrew + Sean

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