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Here you will find all the brands that Labrador Supply Co. carries, and why you should support them. 

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Local Laundry logo -- products available at  Local Laundry Apparel is a Calgary-based company inspired by the pride that people have of their neighbourhoods and communities. 
Like Grandpa Logo -- products available at
Like Grandpa is a husband and wife team from Edmonton making fantastic traditional style beard and shave products like your grandfather used to use. 
Great Lakes Grooming Co.  -- products available at
Great Lakes Grooming Co. was born from the spirit of adventure and the love of the wild, providing only premium men's grooming supplies. Passionately handmade in Ontario. 
Province Apothecary is a Toronto-based certified cruelty-free organic skincare company, with primarily certified vegan products. 
Smithstine Copper tie bars, bands (rings), and alberta-inspired money clips available at Labrador Supply Co.

Smithstine Copper is a one-woman studio creating prairie inspired and custom copper jewelry and accessories in Edmonton, AB 

Hollow Tree 1871 handcrafted coconut wax candles available at Labrador Supply Co Hollow Tree 1871 makes some of the nicest candles that we've ever seen. They're all handcrafted from coconut wax and housed in amazing ceramic vessels. BC's finest! 
Coffee roasts from Calgary Heritage Roasting Company available at Labrador Supply Co. Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. is made up of two fellas from YYC who decided that enjoying good coffee just wasn't enough for them. Lucky for us, isn't it? Like us, they appreciate an early start and a pair of good shoes.
Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co. Logo Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co. is making decaf coffee that is actually good. How? Using the Swiss Water Process, and organic, fair-trade, non-GMO beans from Mexico and Thailand. Perfect for those late night comforts, or pregnant cravings.
Les Industries Groom fine quality men’s grooming products, available at Labrador Supply Co. Les Industries Groom is a fine men's grooming product company from Quebec that we quite fancy! For all your beard, shave and hair styling needs.

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