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Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co.

We love our coffee, if you haven't noticed. There is something just so satisfying and comfortable about having a cup in the evening when it's raining, or sitting around a fire. There's a problem though -- we also love our sleep. Coffee is bursting with caffeine, and it does wonders for your sleep pattern if you drink it like it's water. 

That's why we've got our friends over at Blue Spruce Decaf Coffee Co. They've got three roasts including their espresso, which are grown in Thailand and Mexico. The difference, though, between their roasts and the run-of-the-mill grocery store brand decaf coffee tins is one little (read: HUGE) thing: Swiss Water Process. 

In short, the Swiss Water Process uses only water and osmosis to remove the caffeine from coffee beans. That's right -- no chemicals are used, at all. We won't get into the dirty science behind the normal, or historical alternative processes for decaffeination here, but know that this is the purest form of decaffeination available. And, guess what? It's only done right over in Burnaby, BC. 

Fair trade. Organic. Non-GMO. Awesome.

Pro tip: great for those pregnant coffee cravings, without harming anyone!

Enjoy Blue Spruce's divine decaf coffee today. 

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