What is a “Modern Wild Man”?

If you’ve never read the “Our Story” or FAQ section of labradorsupply.co, you may have no understanding of what a “modern wild man” is. This mantra goes far deeper than just the skin — it’s found way down in the very essence of our being, and possibly yours as well. In this post, I’ll try to explain what it means to be a modern wild man, why that means something to us at Labrador, and why it should mean something to you.

We are a previously unnamed and unknown community of people who don’t quite fit the templates set out by society. We are not outcasts, but rather: un-cast. There are many variations of the modern wild man — we don’t all look the same, and it can often take more than just a glance to see the nature of him and know that he is your brethren. We recognize no race, religion, gender, socio-economic status or sexual preference. We accept that as long as he is good at the core of his being and lives with that in mind, then all birds can fly a different path and also stand next to us.


As a modern wild man, there is a nearly constant burning in our hearts to escape the conventions and trivialities of the modern world — but return as needed. We all feel this urge to get away as often as possible, but knowingly rely on technology and conveniences as a way of life. We accept that man has grown in positive and also negative ways, but are selective of which we follow.


So, this begins in the spirit and character of a man: his ethos. The modern wild man has a grasp of the way the world currently is, with a foot still in the way things were. He is unafraid of growing a thick callous, and equally unashamed to shed a tear. He’s first to take on a new challenge and last to go inside at night. He’ll apologize to save a friendship, and admit he’s wrong in exchange for peace. He’ll brave a storm for the goodwill of another, and give the shirt off his own back. He believes that it takes a village to raise a family, and that that everything is attainable with the right combination of timing, skill, effort and tenacity. He is constantly striving for better, but satisfied with simple things. 


In the middle is the presentation of this character. His style may not necessarily be one that follows trends, but it makes a statement of it’s own. It’s natural charm lies in the practicality and quality of the goods he acquires and subsequently wears. He sees the value in making a purchase that may carry a higher price tag, but will stand the test of time and truly earn his dollar. He may be completely unaware of the effect that his innate lifestyle and grooming choices make on the world around him, amongst those who strive to look as he does. In fact,
he may be learning this about himself right this very second…


The last part of what it means to be a modern wild man is when he (and other people) reflect upon his life as it was lived. Did he live an ego-less life but also leave a legacy? Did he consider the feelings of others as if they were his own? Some of us have stronger personalities than others — some of us are shy and submissive and some are assertive and dominant. We know that there is “more than one way to skin a cat” and find the skills within our brothers around us to live by this every day.


We live in a modern world, but we have a wild heart. We are curious and strong; we are mountains and we are adventure. We are legwork and we are big laughs! We are great lengths and we are ever-growing as people! We chop our own wood!

Does this sound like you? Does it sound like someone you know? If so, it is your duty to forward this to them so that they may become a part of this community of like-minded and like-spirited individuals who see the world through a different lens than most others.

We have one thing in common and the knowledge of it’s existence changes everything: we are, each and together, a modern wild man.


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