The man behind the Labrador lens: Sean Kincaid.

In this post, Sean discusses his love for photography, and how it fits with the Labrador way.



Like so many other people, the question that i’ve been asked the most in life is, “Why?”

“Why take up photography as a hobby?” 

“Why do you take the photos that you choose to take?” 

“Why ‘Labrador Supply Co.’?”

The answer to all these questions is both simple and complex. I hope to shed a little light here on how my love for photography evolved, and how it unexpectedly and amazingly collided with men’s clothing and lifestyle products to become one-half of Labrador.


In truth, I picked up photography because I really enjoyed taking photos. It started with disposable cameras when I was a kid, then digital cameras, and then my mobile phone as technology changed. I always viewed the world with a critical eye in the way a photographer must when lining up the perfect shot.  When a camera became instantly available to me with my cellphone, I could never resist capturing something that caught my eye. 

Little did I know just what kind of adventure I was beginning and how much I’d have to learn about the world of photography. The most difficult thing for me was the difference between shooting something with your phone and shooting with a DSLR. Because I skipped the film era in photography entirely, many important areas of the field were ultra-simplified for me by technology. However, when I moved to DSLR cameras, the options at my disposal were a game-changer. Once I saw and understood the differences, there was no turning back.

Another major reason I took up photography was due to the response I received on my early photos taken with my camera phone. People would see photos I snapped and ask where I found them or tell me I had an eye for photography — which was news to me. I take pictures based on what I see myself: when I’m out shooting, my audience consists of me alone.  I shoot what I think I would want to capture forever. I enjoy the feeling of seeing in my minds eye turn out even better than I imagined through my art. As my skills improved, I began to want more people to see what I was seeing: we live in a beautiful world! I decided to share the magical feeling I get from being so moved by a scene that I can’t live without it being captured for eternity in a photograph.


The original idea that Andrew approached me with for Labrador Supply Co. struck me in a way that had never happened to me until that point in my life. I’ve always connected to companies and brands who focus on the adventure, outdoors, camping, hiking-style apparel and photography, through social media. There was always a problem, though — whenever I came across a product I loved but failed to save the brand name or website I found it on, I would sometimes never see it again amongst all of the other stuff out there. I hated that feeling and it drove me crazy! Labrador Supply Co. satisfies and remedies that craziness — it is an organized, curated hub for guys to buy the best clothing, footwear, hats, accessories, camping and travel gear, etc. We do all of the work of finding it, so that you don’t have to. It's also a place where we can help promote and connect people with brands we truly believe in and have connected with ourselves. 

In closing, Labrador is the the perfect avenue for fuelling my passion for photography, adventuring and hard-working, quality brands. I hope it inspires you to find the same for yourself.

Stay Wild


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