The 10 Best Men's Boots for Fall 2017

We don't want to jinx it, but fall is coming – and it’s going to bring cold, wet, blustery weather with it. 

You want your feet to stay warm and cozy out there, but you want to look good at the same time. Sure, boots are your go-to footwear for this season, but you can’t just buy one pair and expect them to work for every occasion or outfit. 

There’s a huge range of men’s boots out there on the market, and unless you’re a seasoned boot aficionado, you can easily feel daunted by the sheer variety. 

To help you out, we've compiled the 10 best men’s boots to check out in fall 2017!

All-Around Desert Boots

Desert boots are a must for fall (did I just say that?). They’re beautifully simple, lightweight, but durable, and suit pretty much any casual outfit. 

You can find desert boots in plenty of colors, from blacks and blues to sandy browns, all of which look great with jeans, chinos, or whatever! 

Clarks Desert Boots in Brown

Elegant Wingtip Boots

You just can’t beat a pair of wingtip boots. These babies are sophisticated, timeless, and tell the world you know how to put an outfit together. 

A cool, stylish pair of wingtip boots are elegant enough to wear with a suit or dress-up your favorite jeans. They’re a tad more formal and streamlined than tougher boots, which makes them versatile enough for pretty much any occasion (an afternoon wedding, a meeting, a night on the town – it’s your choice).

Classic Motorcycle Boots

Tough motorcycle boots help you feel ready to take on the world – even if you’re just heading out for a pizza.

Motorcycle boots are built to keep your feet protected and comfortable, in pretty challenging conditions. Most of us might think you can only wear them for hitting the road or heading to a gig, but motorcycle boots work in plenty of environments, whether you’re traipsing up hills or sitting on your porch on a crisp October day. 

Heavy-Duty Captoe Boots

Captoe boots are some of the most rugged footwear you’ll find this fall. 

They’re incredibly hard-wearing, built to last, and feel able to withstand anything the elements throw their way. Their streamlined design and chunky heels are stylish additions, ensuring these look sophisticated yet rugged. 

Frye Captoe Boots

Comfortable Hiking Boots

Ah, the classic hiking boot. So comfortable. So versatile.

You really can wear hiking boots for the toughest outdoor adventures – trekking up a mountain, exploring caves – or just pair them with jeans for a relaxed day in town. The best are usually made with robust materials, providing sturdy support and protection without a constrictive feel.  

Stylish Chelsea Boots

Not a laces guy? Go for a Chelsea boot. They’re easy to slip on and off (thanks to the elastic side panels), for a looser, more casual fit. 

Chelsea boots are super-stylish too, with a simplicity and elegance that works beautifully with jeans of almost any color. Dress them up with a smart shirt or down with a cool sweater. 

Laid Back Chukka Boots

Chukka boots look great with fall gear – beanies, thick jackets, earthy colors. Why? They’re laidback and cool, with a lightweight build and durability. 

You can put these on and take them off quickly (thanks to the short, hassle-free laces), which is obviously a major benefit when you’re wearing chunky gloves. Get the right color (understated brown or black) and you’ll be able to wear these with pretty much any pair of trousers or jeans. 

Timberland Chukka Boots

Hard-wearing Work Boots

Work boots keep your feet warm, dry, and safe every day at the factory or construction site  – but don’t relegate them to work-only outfits. 

A great pair of work boots looks stylish and cool with jeans or chinos, and are ideal for fall’s wettest days. You can find these in different colors, usually black, blue, or brown, though the latter is typically the most versatile. 

Dynamic Duck Boots 

Duck boots might take some getting used to when you first slip them on, but there’s no denying how practical they really are. 

A good pair of duck boots adds a bold touch to any fall look, courtesy of the distinctive mix of traditional leather upper and rubberized toes. 

Waterproof duck boots will keep your feet warm and dry, with no need to worry about the toes getting discolored or marked. You can simply wipe them down to keep them clean – maximum style, minimal fuss.

Timeless Cowboy Boots 

The cowboy (or western) boot isn't for everyone, us included. However, these timelessly American (and Canadian) boots still look as cool as ever with blue or black jeans (skinny, regular, straight, or bootcut – take your pick). Honestly though, only wear these if you're naturally cool af or you're Clint Eastwood or you ride or horses or something. 

A great pair of cowboy boots will be handcrafted from durable materials, and give your feet incredible support. You’ll look stylish and be protected against fall’s elements, whether you’re heading to a two-steppin' bar, or enjoying an afternoon out in the country. 

Today’s best boot manufacturers cater to all tastes and all styles, giving men a great choice of looks to choose from for fall. What do you tend to wear when the colder weather comes, and why? 

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