Summer is Upon Us!

I’m writing this from the front veranda of my house, wearing a pair of shorts and (unabashadly), one of our Labrador T-Shirts and sipping a freshly-pressed cup of coffee from Calgary Heritage Roasting CompanyThe sun is shining bright and hot, especially since it’s still a few hours before noon, the smell of lilac is filling the air from every direction and the neighbour’s cherry blossoms are almost a blinding pink colour.  

I'm quietly resting, feeling blessed as I reflect upon the past week: 

We made it through the May long weekend without any rain or snow for the first time in recent history. Anyone lucky enough to escape to nature for an adventure over the long weekend was absolutely spoiled by our great mother nature. I even managed to get my girls out to a lake one day and then a residential beach and lake on another. We took full advantage of the sun and the time together — something I always appreciate deeply. 

The weekend also brought perfect weather for the first wedding of the season — this one being my own brother’s, at which I was the best man. Within a day or two of those seemingly record breaking conditions, however,  we were consequently hit with the first major storm of the season. There was flooding in some areas and many trees blown over in the hurricane-like strength gusts of wind we faced. Across the street from where I’m sitting, I can see that another of my close neighbours lost a full-grown coniferous tree to the storm — having felled it perfectly between their house and vehicles parked on the street. I feel lucky for my family, sad for theirs (and also the tree) and awe at the sheer strength of nature.

What does all this summer talk mean, Sean?!

I take it all as a sign that it's finally summertime in our beautiful “festival” city, which is my own season of choice! For those of you reading from afar, we live in the northern-most city in North America (with a metropolitan population over one million people) — the capital city of Alberta, Edmonton. Often a misunderstood place, it’s not uncommon at this time of year for there to be enough light outside to read a book at 11pm, and then to marvel at the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), a short time after. The days are comfortably warm-to-hot, and today is no different — my pasty Irish skin is finally getting some colour after a bloody long winter. (By colour, I definitely mean pinkish, burning red, peeling, pain…).

The other day we posted a picture on Instagram with a rather relevant quote from the Tao that says "In all of nature, no storm can last forever". This week was a grand
reminder of this truth, which has shown itself several times in both a figurative and literal form. I suggest keeping a copy of it for yourself for when you feel overwhelmed or stressed, or simply unsure! See below:

Labrador Supply Co. Instagram photo -- "In all of nature, no storm can last forever" (The Tao)

It’s time to get off the porch, and take full advantage of the great weather and long days! The season is truly limited up here in the great white North, and to be able to adventure and explore the vastness of the Canadian wilderness is a blessing we can’t ignore. Whether it's a day trip to a lake for some beach bum time, or a weekend (or longer, please) camping trip to the mountains or along a stream or river, it's now time to finally just get outside. Seriously, just go! Sometimes the best memories are made without a plan. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but all you really need is a full tank and a dream!

We here at Labrador would love to help outfit your summer adventures in any way we can, but more importantly we just want you to use the time and nice weather to form memories that will last a lifetime and adventures you’ll be talking about for the foreseeable future!

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