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Before any man shaves, there are a few important steps he should always make sure he's checked off first. They're vital for getting a close shave that leaves your skin feeling soft, and without any irritation or bumps. Before we get started on this review, let's make sure we're on the same page.

First, Check your razor every time you prepare for a shave. The blade should be as fresh as possible -- never dull, uneven or gouged. Having any bumps or chips in the blade is a sign that you aren't changing your blade often enough, and will also explain why you're probably not enjoying the experience. No one wants itchy, red dots on their neck.

Using an awesome pre-shave oil, shaving cream or soap is essential to enjoying an easy shave, and we recommend using products with little-to-no unnatural ingredients and a clean scent that you enjoy. As we've talked about before in our article, "Shaving for the Modern Wild Man," shaving creams with artificial ingredients tend to dry out your skin further, and can even clog your pores. 

Possibly The Most Important Step...

In my opinion, the most important step is also the most overlooked, and premise of this review: using an aftershave cream or balm to protect your newly-shaved face. This helps replenish and moisturize your skin, which just endured a shocking treatment from the razor -- especially if your blade wasn't up to par! 

Not only does a balm typically alleviate any sensitivity you get from shaving, it also further protects your skin from dirt, dust and grime that tends to invade your open pores, until your next shave. When you shave, your razor removes much of the natural oils on the surface of your skin, which a balm will actually replace.

Like Grandpa Aftershave Balm

Here is where our good friends over at Like Grandpa step up to the plate and hit a home run.  Their entire line of products are made from natural ingredients and will aid in your adventures with shaving, whether it's a once in a blue moon, for special occasions, or if shaving is an integral part of your daily routine.

For this review, I used their Sandalwood balm, but this balm is also available in refreshing Tea Tree scent as well! Unlike most overpowering aftershaves on the market, you don't leave a trail of birds falling out of the sky behind you with this one. The Like Grandpa aftershave balms come in a simple, yet functionally attractive tin and have the initial consistency of a soft hair pomade, which easily becomes workable with the heat of your bare hands. 

Whether you choose an aftershave cream or balm is completely up to you, depending on what you prefer. Any of Like Grandpa's aftershave products will help repair your skin, with the added benefit of smelling amazing afterwards. Another exceptional aspect of this product is that a little goes a really long way. This means that your money stretches further, which I can certainly get behind.


For my entire face and neck, I use an amount approximately the size of my pinky fingernail. Once on my finger tips, I rub it evenly across both hands until it's soft and then apply directly to my face. I use my fingertips to rub it evenly over my cheeks and neck and then above my upper lip. It goes on with a slight oily feeling but within five seconds, that feeling disappears completely and there's nothing noticeable left on your face beyond a thin layer of goodness that can only be felt by you.

My Secret Shaving Weapon

For this exact reason, I call the Like Grandpa aftershave balm my secret shaving weapon. No one knows it's there except me, which is amazing because it literally lasts all day long. As someone who works outside in an often dirty and/or dusty environment, it's crucial to have that kind of all-day protection on my face. Without it, my pores fill with dirt and grime, which can lead to irritation, in-grown hairs and acne. At the end of the day, it washes off even easier than it goes on.  All of this adds up to a great product that we here at Labrador Supply fully endorse and stand behind.

Treat your man-face the way it deserves to be treated and pamper it a little with a great smelling and (somehow) even better functioning aftershave balm from the fine folks at Like Grandpa today. Click HERE to view this product on Labrador!

Stay wild.



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