New Brand: Hollow Tree Candles

Wow, it's been a month since we last posted. Despicable! We've been busy getting new products on the store, meeting new folks, and going on adventures around the province! Sean is house-hunting with the family, and I'm dreaming about living in a bus and fighting bears in the forest. Here's a shot from a one-night trip to Sylvan Lake, Alberta this past weekend (you might recognize it from Instagram):

Labrador Supply Co. Instagram photo featuring a seagull flying over Sylvan Lake, AB at sunset.

I digress!

This week we're (belatedly) introducing a new brand to our lineup that we're quite proud of, Hollow Tree! Now, if you haven't perused the site recently and noticed these incredibly-well-branded and handcrafted coconut wax candles around, you've been missing out. 

I can hear some of you guys going: "candles? really....?" YES, CANDLES! These just might change your perspective on the topic -- not just because of how great they look and smell, but also the story and origin behind each. Not to mention that they're made in Whistler, BC.

With inspiration deeply rooted in the forest of the pacific northwest of British Columbia, Hollow Tree candles are all made by hand in the coastal mountains. Years of adventurous foresting in the vast terrain, along with a huge imagination for entertainment brought this obvious endeavour into fruition.

Four interestingly different collections of candles are available: 

Hollow Tree 1871 handcrafted coconut wax candle "Library of Trees Collection" available on Labrador Supply Co.

This category perfectly encapsulates the scent of the immense trees of the coastal forest of BC, like the great Golden Spruce Sitka and Cathedral Grove, with subtle hints of plantlife like figs, honey and musk -- nested on and around the two great twin peaks of The Lions.

Hollow Tree 1871 handcrafted coconut wax candle "1871 Collection" available on Labrador Supply Co.

The smell of man, his creations that carve paths through the forest and his use of the area's flora and fauna make up the 1871 Collection. Santal and tobacco in Lumberjackmahogany, bergamot, cardamom and again santal in Railroad. Collectively reminiscent of a time where a man reaped what he sowed, smoked real tobacco, and sweat his ass off.

Hollow Tree 1871 “Botanical Collection” Coconut Wax Candles

Earthy notes meet floral aromas in this collection -- from lavender and black pepper, to green grass, pine and lily. Botanical is certainly the collection with the lightest undertones, but it's not to be undermined -- masculine notes such as those in Raven live within the scents and calmly surprise you every time. 

Hollow Tree 1871 “Backpacker Collection” Coconut Wax Candles

The fourth collection is fresh, yet arcane. Charcoal dominates in Black Tusk, while Shannon Falls is brighter with bergamot, cherry blossoms, lily-of-the-valley and dry wood notesTrail's End smells just like how walking in the forest feels -- it's the stopping to smell and examine the interesting foliage, but also the awareness of your surroundings and the mystery of what your next step might bring.

Lastly, there is the standalone Special Edition Canada 150 candle, Canoe, which is a celebration of this great country we are so blessed to live in. Ruled by the smell of pine needles and represented proudly with the official "Canada 150" logo, this candle captures the essence of the brand at it's finest.  

Canada 150 candle "CANOE" from Hollow Tree 1871 available on Labrador Supply Co.


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