Labrador Supply Co. | Introduction

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we announce the official launch of ‘Labrador Supply Co.’ — for the modern, wild man!

It started with a mutual love for visually appealing well-made garments, apothecary and lifestyle products — and the desire to find it all in one place. Now, we are the curators for such a place; a collection of things we’d actually buy, from companies we respect and admire.

Soon you’ll find clothing, beard+body+hair products, footwear, paper products, travel and camp gear, vintage finds, and even music at For now, you can peruse our first line of Labrador apparel, while we grow our network of brand-friends in between trips to the wilderness and celebratory lagers.

Please contact us at if you are interested in listing or co-branding opportunities (or if you just want to say ‘hi’).

We are Labrador Supply Co., and we chop our own wood.

Photo Cred.: @seankincaid
 — in Edmonton, Alberta.

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