Get Outside!

Finally. After what seems like the sixteenth triumphant return of winter, we seem to have jumped directly into summer around these parts. In the short span of eight days, Andrew and I went from driving through a snowstorm down south, to wearing shorts and t-shirts, cooking on the BBQ and late evening strolls through one of the many parks in our city. 

This time of year is one of my favourites. The annual cycle of life; of new beginnings. With trees and gardens showing their first signs of life, birds ever-busy building nests and preparing for parenthood and the relaxing sound of children playing outdoors can be heard from sun up to sun down. I remind myself how lucky we are to be safe, and can’t help but smile. 


Then, there is a sound that I, and many others, can’t avoid hearing this time of year. It's the irresistible sound of the mountains calling, and I must go! It’s not a sound heard necessarily by the ears, but instead heard deep inside our chests. It's felt. It takes hold with talons like that of the bald eagle — a rare but enchanting sight seen at this time of year, only while entrenched in nature.

This feeling breeds a hunger for the smell of the forest and alpine meadows. A thirst that can only be quenched by the streams and lakes that have only recently taken off their icy winter clothes to bare the flowing life beneath. 


Along with the return to the great outdoors, we should remember that nature, and more specifically, the amazing wildlife are hearing that call as well. I was reminded of that recently when, within a 3 minute span on a back country dirt road, I passed five bears all grazing and filling their hibernation-starved bellies. Their instinctual call of the wild makes ours seem frivolous, in it’s necessary and humbling way. We are guests in their home.

Get out and relish in the sun. Hell, enjoy the shade, too — the simple beauty of nature. Explore, openly adventure, then explore some more. Listen to that calling deep within and just get outside. Most of all, stay safe and look out for each other. 


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