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Cuppa Joe. Java. Daily grind. Brew. Brain juice. Jet fuel. Mojo. Morning glory. The fix. Go juice. Black lightning. Lifeblood. Black magic…?

Coffee is my kryptonite.

I fully admit that I was extremely late to the game when it came to becoming a coffee drinker. While everyone around me -- friends, family, co-workers --  all had their daily fixes met with this magical black substance brewed from water and ground up roasted coffee beans, I was stuck in a rut of addiction to the devilish energy drink.  All I knew of coffee was the horrible offered suspiciously for free at work, and the thick, black, syrupy sludge that my dad drank when I was a kid. Neither situation whetted my ignorant appetite towards coffee quite the way an internal-organ-destroying energy drink did.

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company Indonesian Medium Roast coffee beans.

Fortunately, that all changed a couple years ago when a co-worker brought me a single cup of coffee. It was made with the perfect balance of milk and sugar and brewed from beans that weren't mass produced by a huge corporation making a ton of other products unrelated. I was intrigued, and a little bothered by the fact that I’d been missing out on it for so long!

I was literally obsessed with finding the perfect roast

Anyone close to me can attest to the fact that when I find something new in life that I really like, I dive into it headfirst and immerse myself into learning about all aspects of that thing as possible. Coffee was exactly the same — I spent way too much time reading and researching about the different roasting methods, what the coffee beans from different areas of the world would bring out in flavours, as well as different brew methods and their respective pros and cons. I would also find myself trying any new brand of coffee I came across at the beginning to find the flavours and roasts that I preferred. I was literally obsessed with finding the perfect roast, each being trumped by the next.

Fast forward a couple years, and the fellas at Calgary Heritage Roasting Company hit my radar. I first stumbled across their brand on Instagram, where they seemed to continuously pop up in posts from other companies and individuals I followed. I decided to follow them and knew I had to try their product the first chance I got. On a business trip down to Calgary that Andrew and I went on, opportunity presented itself in the form of a beautiful bag of their Colombian medium roast coffee. I couldn’t resist the purchase, and patiently waited to try it the next day like it was the night before Christmas. 


It sounds like I’m just fluffing it up here, but I honestly couldn't get enough of the stuff. At home, I grind roasted beans and then use a French press to brew my coffee, which is my preferred method. I was so enamoured by the flavour and smoothness of the first pot I made that I immediately brewed up a second. I knew from that first day I had found my new favourite coffee supplier, and started telling everyone I knew to get on board.

I quickly ordered a couple more bags of beans from the guys and within a couple days, they arrived at my doorstep. I took one bag to work to share the wealth with my fellow coffee snob coworkers, and hoarded the second all to myself at home. Neither lasted very long and a new love affair had started between myself and the greatest coffee in the world.

Their coffee has become such a staple in my household that I even keep a bag of CHRC’s Peruvian Decaf  on hand at all times, just in case I get a craving for the full-bodied flavour of their coffee too late in the day to ingest caffeine. As you might be able to relate to, most decaffeinated coffees are weak and often taste like dirty water instead of something delicious. This one is totally different. Calgary Heritage Roasting Company is proud of the fact that their decaf blend is roasted without sacrificing the integrity of their brand’s flavour and quality — and I couldn’t be happier with it.


The next, inevitable step was to share the holy grail of coffee with the world — CHRC had to be listed on Labrador Supply Co. for the betterment of all mankind. They were eager to jump on board and we now list all four of their roasts for your enjoyment! 

We carry their Peruvian Decaf Roast, Colombian Medium Roast, Indonesian Sumatran Medium Roast and Guatemalan Medium Roast, which are all available in 3/4 lb. (340g) or 5 lb. bags (save 10% with the latter) on Labrador.

On top of that, we've also added some of their fantastically-branded merchandise, including their standard logo snapback hat, their awesome Fish Snapback Hat  and those awesome enamel mugs you keep seeing! 

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company Fish Snapback Hat available on Labrador Supply Co.

You may have read our previous post on how supporting local small business will improve your life, which we truly believe. Calgary Heritage Roasting Company is (luckily) local for us, and we promise that they will also feel that way for you, no matter where you live. 

Most of us need coffee for morning brain fuel — to start your weekdays off before that big meeting, or out in the woods on a great adventure. We’ve found the coffee you’ve been looking for — and with a slogan like “Taste a Coffee as Wild As You Are”, there isn’t better fit for us in the world. 

For the Modern Wild Man, there’s CHRC.


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